Monday, July 20, 2009

At the Heart of the Big Wall Section

Scale helps figure this one out ~
when clearing for the creek crossing this Heart shaped stone was uncovered.
Large stepping stones were placed at the base of a cascade spillway on the section referred to as the "Big Wall".
This view shows the descending curve leading down to the creek
and "de Hart" stone :-)
This nice long meandering approach to the creek crossing is a delight.
When cutting the trail it is always enjoyable to notice a change in soil color. This orange and ochre soil is filled with iron oxide.
Most of the earth we uncover is filled with hummus and is dark in color.
Another nice discovery along this stretch was the abundance of massive grape vines.
I have given this little holler the name of Tarzan valley. The vines stretch from tree to tree to tree. Many are quite large, nearly 6 inches in diameter. In the winter they are very visible in the tree tops and it is easy to imagine Tarzan swinging tree to tree along this section.

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