Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Push Recap and Appreciation

It was one of those foggy spring mornings. Wetlands and wetair in the High Country.
We met early and split into crews to go out to different locations for work.
Taking time to say "Howdy" Marietta and Kate greet each other to start the day.
Will was one of our volunteer sawyers from off the mountain. Thanks for coming up.
Chris is one of our Watauga sawyers. A retired firefighter, Chris is always excited to get out on the trail for a days work.
Chris meet Will, Will you'll be working with Chris. Ready, Set, Go!

I have many photos to share and stories to tell about the Big Push weekend work in Watauga and Ashe county. It was a good week and we made tremendous progress.

A huge, and did I say HUGE thank you goes out to our volunteers:

Allen de Hart (Louisburg) (one of the initiators of the MST and founding father of FMST, currently serving as our  MST Specialist for Black Mountain Campground to Stone Mountain)
Will Merritt (Winston Salem) ( Sawyer)
Anne Tribert (Raleigh)
John Jaskolka (New Bern) (President of FMST)
Duncan Brown (Raleigh)
Kate Dixon (Raleigh) (Executive Director of FMST)
Steve Lund (Cary) (Sawyer)
Steven Mierisch (Winston Salem)
Dwight Levi (Sawyer)
Shelton Wilder (Deep Gap) (Watauga Crew Leader) ( Sawyer) (Blog moderator)
Chris Rasmussen (Boone) ( Sawyer)
Marieta Warnstedt (Boone)
John Lanman (Boone) (Watauga Crew Leader and Task force co-ordinator)
Gerry Staninger (Boone) ( Sawyer)
Paul Stahlschmidt (Boone)
Margaret Lanman (Boone)
Sandy Sisson (Boone)

Please follow this link out to read an excellent MST FRONT PAGE newspaper article by Jeff Eason. Published in the Mountain Times and The Blowing Rocket on June 03, 2010. Thanks to Jeff Eason for doing this writing and for trudging up the uncleared trail to find us! You worked for this story and we appreciate your work.

Front page article click here!

More photos to come soon!


  1. Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine just featured a story on the Mountains to Sea Trail in NC and an interview with 3-time thru-hiker Scott "Taba" Ward, who wrote The Thru-Hiker’s Manual for the Mountains to Sea Trail of North Carolina. You can check it out here:

    Good luck on the hike!

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