Sunday, May 15, 2011

Watauga Section AFLAME ~ thanks to our volunteers

The flame azaleas are in full bloom this week on the Watauga Section of the Mountains to Sea Trail.
They range in hue from yellow to yellow orange to orange.
The most interesting of blossom forms, they always capture my attention.
The blossoms on this tree were nearly yellow, with just a bit of orange in the throat.
I love their form and sparse distribution on the tree.
This one was yellow orange in hue.
The full range can be seen in these photos completed with this nearly orange blossom.

Another of my higher up favorites is in bloom this week too~ Mountain Magnolia
Much smaller in size than the Souther Magnolia, these too have similar petals and a wonderful scent.
There is a real joy in finding a tree full of blossoms close enough to the ground to photograph.

The following is my favorite capture from the day of phlame photographing. I think the branch looks like a trail. I offer it to the hard working trail building volunteers listed below. You are the ten blossoms along this flame azalea trail~

A Gift of Thanks~

John Lanman, Ted Silver, Gerry Staninger, Lorris and Judy Pannell, Don Bergey, Chris Rasmussen, Marieta Warnstedt, Russ Widner, Mara Taylor.


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  1. Please tell Russ and Mara, that John and Carrie, Beth and Barney, and Dennis and Lisa are keeping them in our thoughts!