Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Second Bridge ~ 24 Foot Span

The second bridge we built was a 24 foot span across a creek on the north side of Don Hayes Road.
Having gained experience on the first bridge the second one went up in less than 4 hours!
An experienced crew jumped right in and put the pieces together.
In fact jumping right into the creek was necessary at this point!
Check out the t-shirt the Georgia Tech students wore while working on the MST. Georgia Trailblazers ~ Alternative Fall Break ~ Mountains to Sea Trail ~ Blowing Rock North Carolina~
Bridge designer and builder Bruce is the focus of concentration with his crew.
As they assist in the building of his design. Here they are cutting cross diagonal truss supports.
Andrew does the moon walk across a bridge without any planks!
As the planks are nailed in the completion nears.
Side rails are installed and all work to complete the second bridge in one day!
Seen from the north side approaching the bridge it is easy to see how if fits perfectly in place.
This close up shows the precision of the work and the placement in the trail.
The side view reveals the span of the creek and the length of the bridge.
Allen and Bruce critique the successes of the bridge construction! Wisdom and experience, skill and hard labor pay off for the future of the trail.

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