Monday, August 10, 2009

July 25th Ashe County Big Dig Crew

These photos were sent to me by Sandy Sisson. She is a MST volunteer and went out of her way to bring ice cold pops to the trail team working on the Ashe stretch.
Someone else had brought a watermelon and it was time for the lunch break.
You'll see a number of Watauga volunteers and friends from across the state in these pictures.
Jim Halsey and Allen deHart organized the Ashe Big Dig.
It is especially exciting to me since they were working on and near the beginning of the Watauga section. Their terminus is our beginningimus! ;-)
This is Jim's report of the day I received the next week.
We had a great turnout for the Big Dig with almost a mile of trail constructed! We are nearing the southern end of our section and look forward to reaching that milestone. There still remains a few stretches of unfinished trail in the middle of our section which we will concentrate on once we have reached the US 421 terminus.
The shoes, the melon, the tired feet, dirty shirts, and workers smiles about says it all.
As does the photo speak to the state, MST hiking and biking across the state!
Thanks Sandy for sharing your photos (if anyone else ever has any related photos they would like to share send them to me).
Thanks to all our volunteers
who work tirelessly
(well, exhaustively)
on the MST!

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