Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wildcat Road August 6 2009

At the end of section three there is an old farm road in the forest. We follow that out and cross over Wildcat Road.
As you step out, you will see on the right Bill Stewart's fabulous wood pile.
Now that is a wood pile to take pride in!
After crossing Wildcat Road you will descend onto a private drive that has an easement right of way within the Parkway boundary. It well landscaped with hosta, perennials, and shrubbery by the homeowners. This unusual arrangement IS on Parkway property, so you are ok to cross and utilize the driveway for accessing the MST.
About 30 feet down the drive you will spot the trail head on your right. Callie dog saw it right away!
The first descent is a gentle "S" curve through a forest fern patch.
The cut edge on this trail is sharp and true!
As you descend there is a beautiful washout (oxymoron?) that is covered on all sides and above in forest ferns.
On the South end the ascent is delightful. A steady but short climb opens right into the parkway!
Before stepping out onto the road, look left then right!
This truly is a nice experience to come from underneath the shade and cover of the forest and step out into the light of an agrarian view on the parkway. Across the pasture there is an orchard, a barn, and distant blue blue blue ridge mountains. Simply one of those "OH WOW" moments.
As was this shot, one of my favorite of all times. I did not mean for these few posts to be dog shows, but I was hiking with my favorite trail companion and she always stays ahead of me. This shot was too perfect to not include. Like I said above, it is a nice experience stepping out of the shade of the forest into the light.
I think she gets it too. ;-) woof

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