Friday, October 9, 2009

October 3 ~ Saturday Morning Effort

Look at the trail we are making! Cutting a foot tread up the hill and around this big oak tree!
For some of the volunteers this was the first time they had used the tools and made the effort to build a trail!
In the two pictures above you can see the running start they made this morning.
Following the ground flags the tread is being developed.
To create a curve like this precision and focused effort were required. Georgia Tech Trailblazers rose to the challenge!
Working together in small groups they moved along one section at a time.
Clipping roots with the loppers ~
Cutting and raking with the mattock ~
Volunteers and students working side by side.
Enjoying the light in the forest dappling upon the ground.
Making decisions and choices as they leveled the tread.
This tool is a McCloud rake and has a cutting side and a raking side. The flat side is being used to level here.
A chop and a root is removed from the trail tread.
Groups of four worked together as one team.
Or pairs of two would find a section to improve.
Sometimes solitaire efforts contributed to the whole.
Allen and Dolly were always present with a smile and encouragement.
Allen deftly points out the way with his double handled loppers! :-)

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