Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Bench for Section One

I set aside these two locust logs in the spring of 2009 to be used to build a bench. Every time I would pass by over the last year and a half I would think to myself, I need to get that bench built.
Finally over Labor Day weekend I had some family help to get the project done.
Luke helped me haul that log down from the hill to the location for the bench. No kidding, I think it weighed about 350 pounds, locust is the most dense and heavy of our hardwoods. We made it about half way and decided to work on the footers a while.
Here I am bringing in the footers for our Lincoln log bench construction.
First cuts are made into the locust footer to be chopped out to create the cradle for the log.
Once these cuts are made it is time to chop them out.
Luke knocked out the fans and prepared the notch.
Then we went back and got the bench log and used gravity to help us get it the remaining 50 yards through the curve. End over end keeps part of the weight on the earth. Thanks Gravity!
A Bench is made and the first territorial claim is made by Callie dog!
A happy dog in a happy place sets the tone for the mid hike bench.
Emily and Luke enjoy a break on a bench that will last many years.
Here the family strikes a pose. Guess you could say this is a four seater!
Walking out in the end of summer, with the wildflowers rising 6 feet high it is time to recognize the transition to fall has begun.
I hope someday you will find a time to rest and sit upon the side of the trail and take in the wonder of these Blue Ridge Mountains from the Watauga Mountains to Sea section of trail.

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