Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dollyland Found ~ Dolly Rose

This posting is a story told by Dolly Rose.
~ Thanks Dolly!~
"Two of my grandsons from Atlanta were up for the weekend. Calvin and his
older brother Jon Jay had been fortunate enough to work with Professor Allen de
Hart (Earth Daddy) and others several summers ago helping to flag the
Mountains to the Sea Trail.

"Calvin remembered the trail and its importance to me and to all hikers. When I told him of the dedication two weeks ago and that more of the trail was opened, he wanted to hike it. I had told him the below story of Dollyland and he was determined to go there.

"The first day I worked with Allen de Hart on the MST, Dave, Marietta,Gloria, Pam, myself and others helped with some clipping and flagging somewhere close to Osbourne Mt. Overlook. Then Allen sent the ladies off to look for an old concrete marker.

"The land was steep, and we were talking, slipping, sliding and giggling--we never found that post. I am not sure it was really there, but Allen tells the story of not being
able to see any of us but hearing all the laughter all down the hill.
"Later I was following quite a ways behind Allen and at the top of a  knoll, I walked into this beautiful pine forest with only ferns  underfoot-no other undergrowth. I drew in my breath and said "Oh my gosh, this is where the fairies dance." Allen heard me and agreed with me. Several months later he told me he had named that spot "Dollyland."
"Yesterday I found Dollyland again and yes, the fairies are still dancing there when they are not sitting and resting on the log bench! It was sorta where I thought it was, but we had to ride up and down the BRP to bring up those "locational memories"!

"I was a little skittish to take my 9 and 5 year old grandsons on an "unexplored" hike (especially since I had lead them astray the day before on Table Mountain)

"I noticed a couple who were walking towards where I thought Dollyland was and then saw them later after lunch going the opposite direction. Of course I had to interrupt their hike to ask questions.........and it was Philip and Lucia, Charger and Recharger friends that I haven't seen in years.

"I described Dollyland and they said they thought it was on that section
they had just walked through. Off we went-nine year old Calvin leading
the way, then five year old Grant and Grandma Dolly was the sweep. Mark
had agreed to meet us at the end of the new railings put up by the
parkway just south of the overlook.

"As we climbed the hill amongst the fallen leaves, hardwoods, a few pines and heavy undergrowth on the newly constructed MST, Calvin up ahead said, "Gayo, I found Dollyland!" And so he had - I was so excited when I broke into the white pines with only yellowing ferns underneath and I knew it was that magical place that I had seen only once, years before.
"I had told Calvin that he would know it when he saw it and he recognized
it from my description. He was sitting on the bench, waiting for me and
his brother with a huge smile on his face. We spent some time sitting on
the bench and talking about magical outdoor places, and how important
they are to everyone. We even met Mark and cajoled him to go back up the
hill with us so that he could share our discovery.
"Thanks to all the Chargers and Rechargers and all the others who have
worked so hard to make this trail available to all. The winter storm has
knocked many of the white pine branches down and we plan to have a
family clean up early next summer to give the fairies even more room to
dance. This quiet spot will always be special to Calvin and Grant--and
to me for sharing a beautiful memory with them on a special fall day."
Thanks for sharing Dolly,
I have a feeling soon we will see
dancing amongst the ferns in
Dollyland ~

 ~~~~ Click to enlarge this photo
and look closely at 4:00 and 10:00 ~~~
Fairies Dancing in Autumn in Dollyland!

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