Friday, October 1, 2010

Opening Day Hiking Opportunity October 2

We will run a shuttle from Osborne Overlook to or from the trail south or north.
 You will see the trail entry port sign on the west side opposite of the parking lot. Cross the parkway and head up along the fence line to enter this trail section. When walking north it is mostly a down hill trail.
This is the entry post and the trail is along the fence line. Look out across the valley at that point to see Elk, Snake, and Mt. Jefferson in the distance.
We ask that everyone wishing to take advantage of the hikes park at Osbourne Mountain Overlook (MP 277.8), which is 1.1 miles south of US 421. This is the only location with adequate parking. There are no rest rooms, water, or other facilities.

We will provide shuttles to the beginning and end of the hikes as needed up until 4 pm (or later if you have signed in). We would ask you to sign in with us at the Overlook and let us know when you finish and are off the trail.
From US 421 (MP 276.7) south to Osbourne Mountain Overlook (MP 277.8). This 1.25 miles of moderate trail traverses the sometimes steep hillside above the Parkway. This section was engineered and designed by Professor Allen DeHart. 

Much of the work on this section was done by local volunteers under the leadership of John Lanman.
Park at the Overlook and we will shuttle you north to US 421 or you could walk North and we will shuttle you South back to your car. Hope to see you on the trail~ Anytime, 12-4:00 Saturday October 2.

 This is the trail entry port at the North end of this section. It will be found at the intersection of the parkway and the off ramp to Hwy. 421 on the west side of the parkway.
If you are visiting or hiking stop by Jim's Produce on 421 just 1 mile west of the Parkway on Highway 421. You will find local produce, regional fresh fruit and vegetables, and many locally made jams, jellies, salsas, and sauces. Definitely one of the prettiest, cleanest, most delightful produce markets in our area. You'll be glad you stopped. Jim has over 20 varieties of apples available now.

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  1. Hi Shelton,

    I've been enjoying this blog and it was a pleasure to finally meet you this weekend.

    You can find my MST mapping project at the link. Over the weekend, I was able to get GPS data for the complete new MST section running from NC-16 to US-421. It takes some time to turn that into useable maps and I'll drop you a line when it's posted.

    I also got GPS data from US-421 as far west as the tunnel under the BRP at Wildcat Rd. I'll have to come back at a future date to get the rest of that newly opened part. An excuse to go hiking in the mountains? Twist my arm!


    p.s. You can get my email on the website at the link.