Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting the Day Started

John was our leader and organized our group for the work of the day.
Here John explains the pointer finger over knuckles technique ;-) Really he is explaining how we would make a level trail on a sloped hillside. That is always the challenge of trail work in the mountains. It is not always as simple as an up and down the hillside problem. Since we traverse a hillside, we must account for slope too.
After a brief orientation and motivation we were ready to go to the trail.
We always begin our day at the warehouse where we store or work tools. Making sure we have had time to be inspired and assess our plan for the day. Then we follow the leader to the site we are working. Always look for an orange MST work sign at the location we are working on that day.
Here we cover four generations of trail workers all on the trail the same day!

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