Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goshen Creek

John, Shelton, and Allen explored an alternative routing for the trail along Goshen Creek.

This is the bridge that is closed on the parkway. It is just past Bamboo where the road block diverts traffic off the parkwary.

Hopefully it will be completed soon. In this photo you can see the decking forms being made ready to pour concrete.

These interesting pieces of steel are the width of the bridge deck and will be mounted as space joints. Notice the spikes angle down and out to tie the concrete together between the pourings. The bridge work was interesting but the real beauty of the day was Goshen Creek.

This river has many waterfalls and large stones. Mostly a shaded river nearly all rocks are moss covered.

Long a favorite fishing location this section has not seen much exploration since the bridge and parkway have been closed all the way to Aho.

This is one of the most beautiful water features along the Mountains to Sea Trail in our section. There is a very ancient and primordial sense about this river along this stretch.

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