Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Work Day April 4, 2009

There is always some thing for everyone to do on a work day.
The lead crew follows the ground flags and begins raking back the loose debris and forest duff.
The Pink ribbon flags are the original survey flags. They mark the direction of the trail and were placed between 1995 - 2008. The blue ground flags are the cut line, or upper edge of the foot trail.
The next work is cutting and raking back from the blue flags to create the foot trail. A width of 24-30 inches is optimal for leveling.
A variety of hand tools are used. These scouts are using fire rakes, mattocks, and shovels to level the cleared and cut trail.
Then the area cleared is walked and checked for high spots or holes.
Dirt is pulled away from rises and raked into hollows. Sometimes it is relatively easy work!
It is always fun and good exercise too!

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