Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dogwoods Habitat on the MST

May brings Dogwoods to this part of the trail. They have bloomed out downstate but we are in the peak the first week of May.

There are not very many large habitats of dogwoods left in our part of the high country. Most have been destroyed by encroaching development and blight.
However, there is a magnificent stand of ancient dogwoods on the south east facing side of the BRP near MP 282.
Walking a section of the Mountains to Sea Trail I stopped in the early morning to capture this beautiful light and form.
The sun was still low in the eastern sky. A warm morning light down low put a glow on the blossoms a clear blue sky up higher cooled the air.
Elk Valley emerges below from the morning fog in this view from the crest of the blue ridge.

~ enjoy ~ wildflower season is blossoming!

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Dogwoods along MST on BRP

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