Thursday, May 28, 2009

Milepost 276.5 May 23,24 2009

Allen DeHart gives a thumbs up on the progress of the day! This is going to be a sweet stretch of trail he is designing.
Working with a crew of 6 we were above the parkway on a steep slope.
But oh what a sweet cut has been made. You can see in these two photos the curve and the straight away that winds around the ridge.
The foot tread lays level and the ascent is gentle as we worked across the ridge.
Locust log and stone cribbing was used to reinforce the edge of the trail.
Here Allen puts a finishing rake to the cut and level work of the crew.
There is a satisfying sense to the smell of the rich dark earth in these Blue Ridge Mountains.
John moves ahead to the next job to get done. John is our Task force co-ordinator for Watauga County.
Allen holds back and coaches the crew as they demonstrate their work effort.
From knee deep in forest floor ~ to knee deep in the trail grading
~ this section is leveling out to be a beautiful stretch.
And then it was time for lunch~!

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