Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wildflowers Spotted this Week on Watauga MST

We have around 20 varieties of orchids that grow in the Appalachian mountains. I spotted this beautiful pink lady's slipper in a rich woodlands patch along the MST.What a fine specimen of a truly unique flower form!
Trillium are in abundance now all along the trail. Red, White, and Pink varieties have been spotted. This is a small one, a painted trillium. The red and pink in the center looks to be brush stroked into the throat.The red trillium have large leaves, I am not sure if this is a wake robin or Catesby trillium. I will look that up soon to confirm. Trillium have three leaves, three sepals, three petals ~ hence, Tri-llium.
The native columbines are in full glory along sunny spots near the trail and parkway. This is another unique flower form, it has a crown of four and turns down instead of upward facing.
Cursed as a weed when it appears in your yard, this wildflower caught my eye not in flower form, but in seed head. Found over in Blowing rock in Cone park area on Sunday. I enjoy the shadow beneath the seed head. There is beauty to be found. Always remember," one person's weed is another persons wildflower!"
Hope enjoyed the flower pics. I will try to keep you posted on the current bloomers along the Mountains to Sea Trail through Watauga County!

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