Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A New Bridge over High Shoals Creek Completed in Watauga County

The culmination of a 6 year project 
has come to fruition. 
Hikers may now cross High Shoals Creek and stay High and Dry!
 Thanks to the hard work of  John Lanman, Task Force Coordinator and Project Manager for this bridge, the newest addition to the MST has been completed.
 This bridge was constructed by Larry Hampton and his crew, a local contractor whose work has been exemplar of quality construction, environmental sensitivity, and a prompt, timely work schedule
 With ease hikers, walkers, or runners of all ages and ability can now travel from the start of the MST in Watauga at the Deep Gap 421/BRP intersection all the way to Blowing Rock at the BRP/321 crossing without wading through creeks or cautiously rock hopping across High Shoals Creek.
John Lanman stands proud and steady upon this new bridge.
We are all appreciative of the major accomplishment this bridge represents for Watauga County, for Friends of the Mountains to Sea Trail, for the Blue Ridge Parkway and our National Forest.
 Our sparkling new shiny bridge adds another jewel in the crown 
of High Country Trails in Watauga County.
(this photo by John Lanman)
 To the north of the bridge High Shoals Creek is viewed as it shoots through a falls and boulder cave on the way to Goshen Creek and the New River.
 To the north of the bridge a waterfall is viewed from the bridge offering one of the prettiest views along High Shoals Creek.

Now, come on out and hike the MST in Watauga County!

This creek and trail maintenance has been an ongoing project for the Watauga Task Force for the last 3 years. For additional images of our volunteers at work follow the link below.
High Shoals Creek Work

For complete detailing of construction of this bridge please visit the five previous blog posts.

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