Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We have had torrential rains off and on all day today. 
The water level at High Shoals Creek was at flash flood stage and high enough to prohibit safe crossing. 

In this shot as you approach the bridge it is clearly not a creek to wade across.
Compare the above photo to the one shown below.
Just two days ago one might have pondered what is the need for a bridge at this creek? 
See that tiny trickle underneath the bridge?
But looking north from the bridge that docile, inviting, rock hopping creek has become a raging torrent.
This high water view is the same as the one which follows.
The rock in the center, yes, the green moss covered boulder is completely submerged in the previous photo. The cave and falls below it are covered by current with a swirling torrent back swelling nearly 10 feet below.
I'm happy to say, no hiker will have to risk their life, or walk back the 2 miles to Aho because they could not cross High Shoals Creek in a storm!
Looking south from the bridge toward the falls one notes the falls are invisible.
Just take a closer look,
it's not that they aren't there, 
just lost behind the raging tumultuous onslaught of thousands of gallons of water per minute.
This docile little stream seemed inviting for wading just two days ago. The falls looked like a nice place to visit off trail. 
 From beneath the bridge you can see where our former crossing had been established.
 Exactly where the shadow of this bridge falls is the point of the ford and rock hopping crossing of many years past.
This video clip shot from beneath the bridge gives a good sense of the power and danger of the high water at this crossing.
All hikers should take warning, 
NEVER seek shelter under a bridge 
or in a culvert when there is a danger of high water 
and flash flooding. 
I am thankful we have a bridge that will last and provide safe, inspiring, crossing 
for everyone on the MST Watauga. It will always be a pleasant crossing~ ~ ~


  1. Very cool. Shelton & friends once again having a big impact on our world.
    --patrick richardson

  2. That is an awesome bridge ... Well done!!!