Wednesday, July 3, 2013

High Shoals Bridge Arrives! Assembly Begins....Part 5~

This was an exciting day!  Unfortunately, I was out of town this week. All photos in this post were taken by John Lanman, Watauga Task Force Coordinator and project manager. Thanks for sharing John!

For sequential review, follow these links to previous posts related to the High Shoals Bridge construction project:

Our bridge arrived via flatbed transfer trailer.
The crew of Larry Hampton began the process of unloading from the Tractor Trailer and putting the bridge parts onto smaller trailers that could be maneuvered on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
This photo shows the foot tread boards being moved and hauled.
Every component of this bridge was pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-designed for easy construction in the wilderness area along High Shoals Creek.
The 50 foot beams were the longest single section to be transported on this 48 foot trailer bed.
These four parts were the biggest challenge and the first challenge to snake down to the construction site and install.
Sitting on the foot plate of the abutment the bridge begins to be assembled .
Looking across this skeleton of a bridge gives a good perspective to the width of the crossing.
a side view showing the braces to the handrails.

scaffolding was set up to support the beams until assembly was complete. All components serve to strengthen and secure the bridge.
Here is the last view before foot tread boards were installed.If you are interested in learning more about the bridge design follow this link. E T Techtonics... fiberglass pedestrian bridge

Next post.... Our completed bridge!

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