Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Morning Light with MST Volunteers

When we started our day early in the morning there was a fog sitting on the edge of the ridge. An electrical storm and a hard rain had just stopped. Behind the storm a sunrise warmed mandala of prismatic light provided us with inspiration (and devotion) for the day.
Allen stepped out of his MST vehicle and into the light and deemed this to be a good day to be working on the trail. Good morning Allen!

Gerry got busy priming the chainsaw for the work ahead.
Chris worked with Barry to move a mighty timber.
While Ted held on to the up end to keep back the sliding.
Barry and Ted catch up on a season of travels (obviously not travails!)
Many old friends and volunteers enjoy working with us even for a few hours a few days each month.
Curly puts in her time to "pay back" for the joys she has had on her many trail adventures in the US and Europe!
Here Allen is busy removing bark from a locust cribbing log.
We all work hard, but being volunteers, there is always time for a break. ;-)
At 57 I am a youngster in this group whose ages are 57, 67, 76, and 83! How cool is that?!
Thanks to all our Watauga County Task Force volunteers who worked last weekend! John, Gerry, Barry, Allen, Curly, Ted, Chris, and Shelton ~ we appreciate your work efforts.

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