Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Volunteers on the Trail June 6 National Trails Day 2009

Our volunteers on Saturday and Sunday played an important part in the progress. We had a large number to turn out. It was "National Trails Day", perhaps that was a motivation? The Girls on Saturday ~ Marietta, Sue, and Pamela

Jim and Sue joined us for the first time on our section of the trail.
But they are not inexperienced! Shown above with Allen. Jim and Sue are volunteer ambassadors and crew leaders for the American Hiking Society and participate trail work in many ways. Note their "National Trails Day" t-shirts. Cool.

Sue and Alex a UNC student volunteer use fire rakes to pull back the duff!
Saturday volunteers: John, Allen, Alex, Barry, Chris, Marieta, Pamela, Jim, and Sue .
Sunday Volunteers: Barry, Ted, Alex, Allen, Shelton

Thanks to all of our regulars and especially a thank you to our new helpers!

Here Allen puts a final raking on the cuts and tread made minutes before.
In fact, as the next picture shows, Allen was pushing the contract crew as he closely followed up on their good work.

Another volunteer from off the mountain. Alex joined us both days and learned the work of the trail from the master. Here Allen oversees Alex working with the mattock.

What energy! You can push him, but he never stops smiling!

In fact getting these two friends to stop long enough for a pose is difficult.

Good friends, good spirits, and good work last weekend!

And a great appreciation from Shelton, your MSTWatauga blog moderater!

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  1. Hello Shelton, I Like your National Trails Day photos. Are you the photographer? Could I use one in the June issue of Backpacker magazine? Genny gfullerton@backpacker.com