Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Friday in June with the Yates Crew

The crew we contracted to work with us on this Friday was arranged by John and they are employed by Harry Yates. Hence them titled "Yates Crew". But as you will see, we also had four volunteers come and help out the effort that day.
Thanks Barry, Gerry, Allen, and Shelton!
The work begins here! Since this was a new crew I needed to demonstrate technique. We begun at a point that clearly showed the need for grade and tread to be established. It was not long before this crew caught on and took off running!

What a nice flat straightaway they started out with.

This shall be known as the Enchanted Pass. It was the first obstacle they encountered. I think the subtle shifts between the three trees is magical!

This was the first switchback and it was a gentle sweep around the curve.

This is but one of EIGHT switchbacks on this section of the trail. In fact it has come to be called the EIGHT Switchback trail. ;-)

This was the second and it was a bit more of a challenge with the tree and the roots in the turn.

But, it turned out pretty sweet after all.

Here Allen and Barry work out the grade on the third switchback. Allen has his classic "trail design pondering posture" in this photo. :-)

Our working volunteers made a huge difference that day. Here Barry takes a turn with the mattox or "grubbing hoe".

Gerry is leaning into his work!

Shelton is making the cut!

This is a fun photo sequence.

In the next three photos I will share a truly good feeling that can be experienced only by those who are working on a trail.

It is an absolute joy to finish the grade and detailing on a trail section.

The final raking is like putting icing on the cake.
Smooth, sweet, "buttery", it lays beautiful when done well.

Now finished and ready for the next step:



Making the very first footprints

on a Brand New Piece

of the MST Trail!


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