Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Posts for Cribbing Support

What's going on in this photo?
How do 60 six foot posts get from the road side 500 yards up the trail?
This is the Post Brigade! Thanks for the photo Jim!

On Sunday June 7 work was begun on the steep section near milepost 277. Readers might recall from last week we have 512 feet of trail which is on a steep slope near the precipice of the Parkway.
Professor Allen deHart has helped with the engineering of a post and cribbing solution to the challenges that section contains. These posts are sunk two feet deep and will eventually be cut down to proper height.

Using 4 inch round treated lumber posts we have begun to set them along the lower edge of the trail. In this stretch there are few standing trees that can be used as support for the edge cribbing.

The trail cut in this picture is just the initial standing point for the workers. The actual trail tread cut will be up at the blue/orange flag level on the left of the photo.
We will need to use approximately 56 posts in this section, locust cribbing, and rockfall kickboards for safety. It is a difficult section to design a solution.
Chris and Shelton cut cribbing along this section over the last two weeks.
We have plenty of locust sections already down and cut to length.
This serpentine locust will make several good lengths of hardwood trail side support.

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